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You are strongly advised to take your test in the car you learnt in: you are probably used to it by now! On the day of your test I would typically arrive with you an hour before the test starts to give you time to warm up; I charge for that hour, plus another hour to cover the test itself. If you would prefer more time before the test then we can arrange that.

At the test centre, you reverse into a parking bay in the car park and we go into the waiting room. Have your photocard licence ready! An examiner will come in and call out your name; s/he will check your licence under a UV light, as they don’t accept home-made ones; s/he will also ask you to sign a declaration on the test report form, stating that you are entitled to take a UK test, and that the car is insured for use in a driving test.

S/he will then follow you outside and ask you to read a registration plate at the required distance, and on the walk to the car s/he will explain the test to you. At the car s/he will ask you two questions about the vehicle (the show me, tell me questions) and they will also check that the car is not falling apart.

And then you’re off!

“The test will last roughly 38 minutes, taking in a variety of different roads and traffic conditions. We will do one manoeuvre involving reverse gear, and we may do an emergency stop; we will also do approximately twenty minutes of independent driving. Just the sort of things you’ve been doing with your instructor.

Throughout the drive just follow the road ahead unless road signs or markings direct you differently. If I want you to turn left or right I’ll tell you in plenty of time. If your are not sure what I have said or would like me to repeat anything then you only have to ask.”

When you book your test, make sure you use the official DVSA website. There are many copy-cat sites which appear in search engine results: at best, they will add a booking fee for doing what you could easily do yourself, at worst they will take money off you and do nothing. I suggest you use this link, which will take you to the correct part of the .gov.uk website:

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