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The Theory Test

The theory test consist of the theory section, a 50-question multiple choice test paper, and a set of 14 short video clips, in which you must identify a hazard; one of the clips has two hazards.

To pass the theory test you need to achieve 43%; to pass the hazard perception test you need to get 45 out of a possible 75.

For the hazard perception, to get maximum marks in each clip you need to click when the ‘hazard’ starts. There may be several situations that look like a hazard starting, but you only get the points for a hazard that goes on to develop; you can click several times but if you seem to be clicking in a pattern, the clip will end and you will get zero points for that one.

Don’t try to move the cursor around the screen; you just have to click.

I recommend that you take your theory test quite early during your driving lessons: otherwise you may have to delay your practical test for it.

When you book your test, make sure you use the official DVSA website. There are many copy-cat sites which appear in search engine results: at best, they will add a booking fee for doing what you could easily do yourself, at worst they will take money off you and do nothing. I suggest you use this link, which will take you to the correct part of the .gov.uk website:

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